and agility
and agility

Clients are Crédito Real’s raison d’etre; our responsibility is to protect them and provide them with quality services in order to always be their first choice.

We are registered with the Comisión Nacional para la Protección y Defensa de los Usuarios de Servicios Financieros (CONDUSEF), an institution with which we have established a synergy. We fully comply with the laws and regulations concerning the protection and defense of users of financial services.

In addition to providing our clients and users of financial services with due regulatory guarantees, we have manuals and processes for proper attention to inquiries, clarification and complaints received by the Comisión Nacional para la Protección y Defensa de los Usuarios de Servicios Financieros (CONDUSEF) through the channels provided by the Unidad Especializada de Atención (Specialized Attention Unit) (UNE).

Digital transformation Digital transformation

At Crédito Real we firmly believe that digital technologies drive the dynamics of companies, and therefore, of economic development. Thus, we are betting on digital transformation and innovation as essential elements in the capacity of companies for stretching the limits of their business. In addition, they provide the opportunity to offer more dynamic services optimizing time and cost and offering a better experience for collaborators and clients.

In fulfillment of our 2022 Vision and of becoming more agile and more efficient, in 2018 we set goals whose fulfilment implied the adoption of new technologies, execution of innovation programs and development of the existing ones.

Thus, we optimized different areas and business lines –such as semi-new cars and credit bureau– through automation. In addition, we consolidated the service load of mobile applications.

Our 2019 objectives will continue to focus on reinforcing our strategy for becoming a digital company, making our collection processes more effective, and standardizing the systems of our business units in order to strengthen corporate harmony.

Success case
Operational agility

As a result of our confidence in the development of new technologies for digital transformation, we established the goal of increasing our service index through operation centralization.

In this way we achieved greater agility, reaching 26,000 average monthly operations in 2018, an increase of 73.00% with respect to the previous year.

This result is due in part to the consolidation of the Business Process Management (BPM) system that we implemented to simplify our client loan process. The procedure starts with a loan application whose information our system evaluates by monitoring stages and flows and establishing the steps needed for granting the loan, including the necessary instrumentation and approvals.

The system is one more example of the efforts of our company for staying at the forefront and consolidating its agility of response to the needs of our clients. Its importance lies in the fact that as a digital platform, it guarantees loan approval in less than 30 minutes.

Once the loan has been granted, our clients have the possibility of using the digital application to manage their account and consult movements and notices.

Furthermore, in order to boost our operational agility and provide a high-quality service to our clients, we have implemented a preventive approach to our collection activities which are conducted beforehand by phone, SMS and WhatsApp.

Likewise, in the case of our car loan business line, we work with Kobra, a specialized platform for direct debit portfolio recovery that works with expert professional negotiators who use an application that shows results in a practical way.

Strategic alliances Strategic alliances

Our supply chain is an extension of the business; for this reason, we contribute to its economic development by supporting the engagement of domestic suppliers in favor of the communities where we operate.

Crédito Real’s chain of value consists of subsidiaries whereof we own 51.00% of the shares; commercial partners with whom we operate, but not always share ownership; and goods and service providers through whom we offer high-quality and performance services.

We only work with suppliers who share our ethical values and are known for integrity and fairness in their dealings. We choose our suppliers in a fair and impartial way based on quality, profitability and service criteria.

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