The value of our talent The value of our talent

“It’s a company that offers opportunities as well as professional and personal growth”.

The value of our talent

Occupational well-being has become a subject of interest among our stakeholders, as latest trends have identified its direct link with organizational culture. In order to manage the well-being of our collaborators and achieve our 2022 Vision –to become the largest global financial institution for the Latin market– we have implemented the following talent management strategy:

Attract the best talent

We have updated our attraction model and now have a virtual platform that allows the candidate the best experience in its recruitment and evaluation process. Meanwhile, internal clients can i follow-up and be more involved in the procedure. In addition, we have encouraged internal recruitment in order to develop and promote our own collaborators.

Develop and generate the loyalty of our talent

The strategy promotes personal and professional advancement, as well as retention of our talent; it aligns it with the company’s strategy and objectives and develops its capacities.

Talent evaluation for better decision-making

We evaluate talent in order to get information allowing us to improve the quality of related decision-making in order to provide better results for the company.

Attracting the best talent Attracting the best talent

Crédito Real permanently works to become the best financial institution in Mexico. In order to achieve this, we guarantee equal opportunity and respect individuality by rejecting all types of discrimination: gender, social status, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion or any type of disability.

Collaborator recruitment is based on personal and professional qualities, skills, competence and experience which match the profile of the available vacant positions; this ensures getting the most talented, highly competitive and committed collaborators.

Voluntary turnover rate of 13.00%; decreased by 6.00% with respect to 2017.

Our workforce


Our team consists of 588 collaborators committed with Mexico.



Crédito Real fosters inclusion and diversity; our policies for collaborator recruitment and selection as well as for collection, management and protection of personal data have been implemented to consider equal opportunity and protection of human rights.

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32 of our collaborators belong to vulnerable groups.

Develop and foster
talent loyalty
Develop and foster
talent loyalty


Skill development of our collaborators is a strategic priority to Crédito Real. Thus, we provide them with the tools necessary for their personal growth and the achievement of their professional goals.

Moreover, collaborator training allows us to ensure the satisfaction of our clients, by helping them to surpass their limits.

Some of the training courses we offer to our collaborators are the following:


Individual development plans

In order to contribute to the growth of our collaborators we have implemented a plan for individual growth as a tool for allowing our collaborators to develop their soft competencies under the 70-20-10 learning model.


Leader training in Cultura Azul

This is a yearly training program for our leaders –Directors, Managers and Department Heads– on the skills required to drive the strategy of Crédito Real, and on talent strategy management.


Technical management

This is a program in line with corporate goals. As evidence of the acquired knowledge collaborators submit to HR proof of its practical application.


Regulatory training

On average, 98.00% of our collaborators are trained on the laws and regulations applicable to Crédito Real.


Team Coaches Program

This is a training program for call center operators; it develops and promotes the best qualified as Team Coaches. To date, six collaborators have been promoted.


Continuous training

We offer English post-graduate programs for development of collaborators identified as talent, requiring them to submit a project at the end of the training to demonstrate practical application of the acquired knowledge.


Inclusion and diversity

Aimed at training Directors, Managers, Department Heads and individual contributors.

In order to measure the benefits derived from the investment in collaborator training programs we resort to knowledge capitalization, a process whereby collaborators provide evidence of the practical application of knowledge acquired in training. In 2018, we achieved 53.80% of capitalization evidence.

In 2018 we provided training for 550 collaborators for a total of 15,252.50 hours of training.

27.73 average training per collaborator in 2018.

In 2018, Crédito Real was recognized for the second time with the Gilberto Rincón Gallardo® Inclusive Company Distinction awarded by the Secretaría del Trabajo y Previsión Social (STPS) for the 2018-2021 period.

Success case
Julio Aldana

The relation between the development of Crédito Real’s team and its growth materializes in a virtuous circle; as the company advances, it provides the opportunities for motivating our collaborators to surpass their limits.

Julio Aldana joined our talented team eight years ago; today, he is an example of the dedication and perseverance with which the collaborators of Crédit Real conduct themselves every day on the road to the fulfillment of their dreams.

“I am most grateful to the company for the opportunities it has given me… I have grown together with Crédito Real”.

Julio began his successful career at Crédito Real in the Payroll business; his leaders identified in him capacities and skills which they stimulated, encouraging him to compete for the positions he has held in the company.


While he was a manager, our company offered him the opportunity of taking two postgraduate courses:

  • Diploma Program in Financial Simulation at the Universidad de las Américas (UDLA).

  • Diploma Program in Digital Banking and FINTECH Business at the Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM).

In this way, Julio contributed the knowledge he acquired to the generation of value of the company.

According to Julio, in addition to the support received by his leaders, permanent monitoring by the Human Resources area is essential for the growth of all collaborators, as it always takes into account the needs and expectations of the work team.

“There is an atmosphere of freedom of expression at Crédito Real… individual opinion is always welcome”.

At Crédito Real, feedback allows the evaluation of monthly and quarterly goal achievement, facilitating the establishment of individual collaborator commitments, tangible follow up of every project, and the achievement of collective goals.

In addition to this, fostering leadership skills is essential, since it is the best way to generate professional growth and teamwork, and thus, value for our company.

To Julio, being a part of Crédito Real is a source of great pride; to him the company fosters actions that give back to society and the environment what the company gives to its collaborators. Beyond providing the conditions for carrying out our everyday work, the company imbues collaborators with a sense of belonging and makes them proud to work for Crédito Real.

“I am very happy to be a part of Crédito Real… I live it!”

Talent assessment
for better decisions
Talent assessment
for better decisions

The assessment of talent is a key process to Crédito Real; it allows collection of valuable information for improving the quality of decision-making and better company results.

The initiatives we have established are the following:

Evaluation of the efficiency of human capital management

We have implemented several mechanisms to allow us to evaluate the effectiveness of our processes and services.

Talent identification

It is the process that enables identification of our talented collaborators and places them on the talent map.

Talent Map

It is the mechanism that establishes the criteria for taking actions to determine collaborator growth and retention. It supports decision-making in terms of promotion, mobility, educational support (post-graduate and English scholarships) and salary increase.

Talent review

The internship program is supported by diverse mechanisms that support decisions to be made concerning their future at Crédito Real.

Evaluated collaborators by
gender and labor type

Well-being Well-being

Crédito Real strives to provide the best work conditions, organizational climate, and salary, as well as to promote physical, psychological and financial health. In order to do this, we have implemented a well-being program which allows us to mitigate stress-derived risks, reinforce our mutual commitment with collaborators, and foster high performance for the sake of individual and corporate objectives.


Health and quality of life

In order to strengthen our prevention culture and foster the adoption of healthy lifestyles, we have raised the awareness of our collaborators through several initiatives.

In 2018, we organized different events that offered clinical studies, medical insurance, dental services, optical article sales and psychological attention. In addition, talks were conducted on matters such as cancer prevention, weight control and health programs.

Some of our achievements in 2018 are:

64 free studies for breast and prostate cancer prevention were provided to collaborators.

24 collaborators participated in the weight challenge program.

In order to guarantee the confidentiality of the results of our clinical studies, they were directly delivered to collaborators by the service providers in a closed envelope, or via email.


Aware of the importance of family to the principles, values and the competencies necessary in life, we assume the responsibility of fostering work-family integration through diverse activities.

Among these, we celebrate with our collaborators special days such as Family Day, Children’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Summer Day and the Day of the Dead.


Crédito Real we believe that collaborators are responsible for 70.00% of the acquired learning, 20.00% is responsibility of the leaders, and Crédito Real is responsible for the remaining 10.00%. The following initiatives support this strategy:

  • Intégrate Program
  • Team Buildings
  • Team Coaches talent seedbed
  • Training for duty
  • Training of Blue Leaders
  • Internship Program
  • Corporate and regulatory training
  • Development plans
  • Internal recruitment
  • Talent identification program
  • Objective-based performance

Wok climate

We strive to generate quality work climate; one in which our collaborators can experience Crédito Real’s philosophy.

In order to find out how our collaborators perceive the work environment, every two years we conduct the Great Place to Work (GPTW) survey, a certification methodology that assesses five dimensions and allows us to identify the strengths of our organizational culture and harness its best practices, optimizing opportunity areas and generating value for business management.

Moreover, this survey allows us to find out commitment trends among our collaborators. The results are the following:

2015 2017
Percent of collaborators actively committed to Crédito Real 87.00% 87.00%
Percent of total collaborators 81.00% 83.00%


Integration and sharing activities are of great importance to Crédito Real, as they strengthen work climate and add to its quality and generate collaborator satisfaction.

In 2018, we carried out different celebration events fostering our traditions:

  • Three King’s Day
  • Día de la Candelaria
  • Day of the Dead
  • Secret Friend
  • Anniversaries
  • Birthdays
  • New Year’s Day

Healthy finances

Due to the nature of our business, we have the responsibility of strengthening the financial education of our collaborators and their families in order to improve their quality of life. To do this, we have developed the program Hablemos de Finanzas con Crédito Real (Let’s Talk Finance with Crédito Real); it consists of a series of internal events that provide our collaborators with the tools necessary for efficient management and investment of their economic resources.

In 2018 we identified some of the areas of opportunity of our collaborators through talks dealing with savings and financial health. In order to attend and strengthen continuous improvement, we have established two specific lines of action: incorporating this module into Crédito Real’s induction course, and involving our executives for permeating the culture of savings and prevention to all the organization.

Salud y calidad de vida

Con la finalidad de fortalecer la cultura de prevención e impulsar la adopción de estilos de vida saludable, incentivamos la concienciación de nuestros colaboradores a través de diversas iniciativas.

En 2018 llevamos a cabo diversos eventos para la oferta de estudios clínicos, seguros de gastos médicos mayores, servicios de odontología, ventas corporativas de ópticas y atención psicológica, así como pláticas de prevención de cáncer y programas de salud, como el Desafío de peso.

Entre los logros que alcanzamos en 2018 se encuentran:


Para garantizar la confidencialidad de los resultados de los estudios clínicos, éstos son entregados directamente por los proveedores que los llevan a cabo en un sobre cerrado o a través del correo electrónico a los colaboradores.


Conscientes de la importancia de la familia en la construcción de principios, valores y competencias necesarias para la vida, tenemos la responsabilidad de impulsar la integración trabajo-familia a través de diversas actividades.

Entre ellas, llevamos a cabo la celebración de fechas especiales con nuestro equipo, tales como el Día de la Familia, el Día del Niño, el Día de las Madres, el Día del Padre, el Día de Verano y el Día de Muertos; en algunos de los cuales, hicimos extensiva la invitación a las familias de nuestros colaboradores.


En Crédito Real consideramos que el 70.0% del aprendizaje es responsabilidad de los colaboradores, el 20.0% responsabilidad de los jefes y 10.0% recae en Crédito Real. Para apoyar esta estrategia contamos con:

  • Programa Intégrate
  • Team Buildings
  • Semillero de talento Team Coaches
  • Capacitación para funciones
  • Formación de Líderes Azules
  • Programa de Becarios
  • Capacitación institucional y normativa
  • Planes de Desarrollo
  • Reclutamiento interno
  • Programa de identificación de talento
  • Desempeño basado en objetivos

Finanzas saludables

Dada la naturaleza de nuestro negocio, tenemos la responsabilidad de reforzar la educación financiera de nuestros colaboradores y sus familias, con el propósito de mejorar su calidad de vida. Para ello, hemos desarrollado el programa Hablemos de Finanzas con Crédito Real, integrado por pláticas y una serie de eventos internos que brindan las herramientas necesarias para la administración e inversión eficientes de sus recursos económicos.

En 2018 logramos identificar algunas áreas de oportunidad en los niveles de participación de nuestros colaboradores en las pláticas de ahorro y salud financiera. Para atenderla y fortalecer la mejora continua, hemos establecido dos líneas de acción específicas: incorporar este módulo al curso de inducción a Crédito Real, así como involucrar a nuestros directivos para permear la cultura del ahorro y de prevención en toda la organización.

Clima laboral

Nos esforzamos por generar un clima laboral de calidad, en el que nuestros colaboradores vivan la filosofía Crédito Real.

Para conocer las percepciones de nuestros colaboradores con respecto al ambiente en el lugar de trabajo, de manera bienal llevamos a cabo la encuesta Great Place to Work (GPTW), metodología de certificación que evalúa cinco dimensiones y que nos permite identificar las fortalezas de nuestra cultura organizacional y capitalizar las mejores prácticas, optimizando las áreas de oportunidad y generando valor en la gestión de nuestro negocio.

Esta encuesta, además, posibilita la determinación de las tendencias de compromiso entre nuestros colaboradores. Los resultados han sido los siguientes:

2015 2017
Porcentaje de colaboradores activamente comprometidos con Crédito Real 87.00% 87.00%
Porcentaje del total de colaboradores 81.00% 83.00%


Las actividades de integración y convivencia son de gran relevancia en Crédito Real, pues suman valor para fortalecer un clima laboral de calidad y, de esta forma, generar satisfacción entre nuestro equipo de trabajo.

En 2018 llevamos a cabo diversos eventos de celebración y de fomentar nuestras tradiciones, tales como:

  • Rosca de Reyes
  • Día de la Candelaria
  • Día de Muertos
  • Amigo Secreto
  • Aniversarios
  • Cumpleaños
  • Celebración de Fin de Año

Occupational well-being is a comprehensive model whose purpose is to improve the quality of life of our collaborators.