A Philosophy that surpasses the limits A Philosophy that surpasses the limits

“At Crédito Real, our way of being, thinking and acting is the essence of the Company’s philosophy”.

I am committed to meeting our customers’ needs.
I am committed, willing, and contribute.
Integrity and honesty
My actions are based on truth and honesty.
There is coherence in what I think, say and do.
I fulfill my obligations and am accountable.
I learn from my achievements and failures.
I treat everyone with the same dignity and respect.
I requite the trust of others.
A superior purpose A superior purpose

To offer the opportunity of satisfying needs and fulfilling dreams.

Code of Ethics and Conduct Code of Ethics and Conduct

Crédito Real is a company where we all share a common sense of pride derived from our daily work towards the fulfillment of our mission and the creation of an internal and external culture based on our values: teamwork, responsibility, integrity, honesty, humility, coherence, respect, loyalty and service.

Our Code of Ethics and Conduct is the instrument that guides all our actions, encouraging us to conduct ourselves ethically in all aspects of our life and to live the philosophy that makes Crédito Real a unique company.

In 2018 we worked on upgrading our Code of Ethics and Conduct1:

  • We added our commitment to the environment.

  • We included the principles of corporate social responsibility, thereby strengthening our position regarding respect for Human Rights.

  • We reinforced our reporting system and the consequences for cases of violation of the Code of Ethics and Conduct.

  • We strengthened our Policy for Prevention of Corruption.

  • We ratified our committed to the protection of the information of our clients and collaborators.

  • We defined our political position.

  • We reasserted our commitment with the community and the value of its participation by reactivating our volunteer program.

1For more information about the upgrades to our Code of Ethics and Conduct, go to: http://bit.ly/2vIJquL.

Whistleblowing Mechanism

Based on the upgrade of our Code of Ethics and Conduct we reinforced our Whistleblowing mechanism in order to set down strict monitoring controls and identify any situation which could affect the values and principles of Crédito Real. At the same time we promote the values of honesty, integrity commitment and professionalism for which we have been known for 25 years.

The Whistleblowing mechanism is a tool at the service of Board Members, executives and collaborators; it has two main characteristics: it’s confidential and independent –managed by a third party. Its purpose is harnessing efforts for identification and follow up of situations such as: fraud, corruption, bribery, sexual harassment, abuse of authority, physical or verbal aggression, and theft, among others.

Individuals who wish to make a report or place a complaint may do so through the following channels:

Telephone line: 01 800 062 1673
Voicemail: 01 800 062 1673
Website: www.lineadedenuncia.com/creditoreal
Email: creditoreal@lineadedenuncia.com
Our Steadfast Corporate Governance Our Steadfast Corporate Governance

Crédito Real has a solid Corporate Governance founded on principles, regulations and statutes which govern the operation of the organizations in charge of generating value. In addition, it safeguards company interests through efficient and transparent use of the available resources.

Our Board of Directors consists of twelve members; one executive, six independent, and five non-executive. This complies with the company’s Social Statutes, which –according to Article 24 of the Securities Market Law– establish a maximum of 21 board members and a minimum of 25% of independent members.

The Board is the government body in charge of overseeing Crédito Real’s management, performance (company and relevant executives), general business strategy, policies, control guidelines, risk follow-up, and decision-making.

In addition, it executes the actions necessary to ensure healthy and robust Corporate Governance, based on the Securities Market Law, our Code of Ethics and Conduct, the regulations in the Code of Professional Ethics of the Mexican Financial Community and the Code of Principles and Best Practices for Corporate Governance.

The Board of Directors and our CEO lead our company for correct execution of all operations.

Appointment and selection of the members of our Board of Directors is conducted freely and under approval and cognizance of all shareholders.

It is possible to appoint an alternate member for every member of the Board in the understanding that alternates of independent members must be of the same condition; however, not all members have an alternate appointee.

The Board of Directors is supported by six committees:

  • Audit
  • Corporate Practices
  • Executive
  • Value Operations
  • Ethics
  • Communication and Control

Board of Directors

Board Members Board of Directors Seniority Alternate Members
Ángel Francisco Romanos Berrondo(1)(2) 20 years 8 months
José Luis Berrondo Avalos(1) 19 years 3 months Luis Berrondo Barroso(2)
Eduardo Berrondo Avalos(1) 5 months
Moisés Rabinovitz Ohrenstein(3) 7 years 6 months Aby Lijtszain Chernizky(3)
Iser Rabinovitz Stern(1)(3) 7 years 6 months Marcos Shemaria Zlotorynski(3)
Allan Cherem Mizrahi(1) 4 years 8 months
Gerardo Ciuk Díaz(1) 4 years 8 months
Juan Pablo Zorrilla Saavedra 2 years 10 months Francisco Javier Velásquez López
José Eduardo Esteve Recolons(1)(3) 15 years 10 months Jorge Esteve Recolons(3)
Gilbert Sonnery Garreau-Dombasle(1)(3) 4 years 2 months Enrique Saiz Fernández(3)
Enrique Alejandro Castillo Badía(1)(3) 1 year 10 months
Raúl Alberto Farías Reyes(3) 3 years 7 months

(1) Membership in the Board of Directors of other organizations.
(2) Executive.
(3) Independent member.

Average tenure: 7.6 years / 7 years 3 months.

  • Guillermo Javier Solórzano Leiro (Non-member Secretary of the Board of Directors)
  • Gabriela Espinosa Cantú (Non-member Pro-secretary of the Board of Directors)

Regulation and self-regulation

Regulatory aspects may vary from one country to another; however, compliance must be ensured in order to guarantee the continuity of our operations. Therefore, we have established policies and procedures for compliance with external regulatory requirements, internal and external audits, and the risk management matrices that provide proof of compliance.

Our collaborators are required to comply with the laws of the country where they work; in addition, they must respect and comply with those of the countries in which we are present.

The principles of corporate social responsibility we incorporated into our Code of Ethics and Conduct are universal and across-the-board in the organization, allowing us to ensure their compliance and to continue to generate value:

  1. We respect the rules, yet we transcend the letter of the law seeking a spirit of transparency, trust, and accountability.

  2. We respect human dignity and conduct ourselves with justice and fairness in all our actions.

  3. We provide equal work opportunities that favor quality of life and human and professional development.

  4. We respect the environment in all our operational and sales processes and contribute to its preservation.

  5. We prevent and fight against acts of corruption –internal or external– based on our Policy for the Prevention of Corruption.

  6. We contribute to social development as part of our strategy to increase social capital and significantly contribute to common well-being.

  7. We seek harm-free competitiveness and support multilateral trade, fair competition, responsible and ethical advertising, product quality and/or services, and distribution and marketing.

  8. We have set down in writing the company’s commitment to our stakeholders; we seek competitive, mutual benefit initiatives or strategies and verify their compliance.

  9. We implement Social Responsibility management processes and systems in order to contribute to the adoption of principles applied to the environment and the stakeholders.

  10. Our performance is based on public corporate values in our Code of Ethics and Conduct whose compliance we permanently encourage and oversee.